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Mocellin Churrascaria

Customer care makes Mocellin Churrascaria a welcoming place for families, friends and even business meetings. The family's surname gives its name to the steakhouse, which reflects the commitment to each action taken. The eyes of those who know how to make and serve barbecue with quality supervise and monitor all units daily, backstage and in the halls.

Mocellin Churrascaria is present on Ilha do Governador and in Niterói, both with valet parking. Both units have the advice of renowned and talented chefs who create new dishes for the buffet. From seafood to Japanese food, the gastronomic options at the buffet are also highlighted in the experience of each customer. Fresh desserts are also available every day and the recipes are updated weekly, guaranteeing customers news.

How could it be otherwise, the great highlight of Mocellin Churrascaria is the meats served in the carvery! There are more than 30 options for all palates to taste and approve! The careful choice of suppliers, based on internal standards, values ​​and guarantees excellence and quality in cuts.