Get to know our menu

Our barbecue

Mocellin Churrascaria is known for its variety of cuts. There are more than 30 specialties of beef, pork, lamb, poultry, exotic, and fish, which can be served through the carvery or in exclusive recipes for the client.

We excel in the careful selection of our products that guarantee excellence in the quality of what is served at the table.

The carvery is well accompanied by the buffet options. But if the idea is to ask for a different follow-up, the tip is to ask the professional who serves you what are the good options of the day. We have sophisticated suggestions, carefully prepared to make your visit even more delicious.

Our meats

The meats that mark the fidelity of old and new customers. Their precedence implies the careful selection of our suppliers, which are governed by internal standards, always prioritizing Quality Excellence. Our cuts ensure that you are served with the highest standard of quality that is already the tradition of Mocellin Churrascaria. Served on skewers, they range from the more traditional to the more exotic. There are more than 30 options that please the palates of the most demanding.


  • Normal and noble Picanha
  • Rump
  • Filet mignon
  • Termite
  • Against Fillet
  • Skirt steak
  • Noix
  • Steak steak
  • Short rib
  • Rib Eye
  • Rib
  • Premium Ribs
  • Chorizo ​​steak
  • Broad steak

Outros cortes

  • Paleta de cordeiro

Carnes Exóticas

  • Avestruz

Cortes Suinos

  • Costela barbecue e lombo
  • Picanha suína
  • Linguiça pernil/calabresa


  • Coração
  • Coxa e sobrecoxa de frango


The salad and cold buffet is located in the center of the main hall. There you will find antipasti, cold cuts, cheese, salads, grains, as well as elaborate recipes based on seafood, meat and poultry that will further sharpen your taste buds.

Our Japanese buffet is a treat apart. You can taste freshly made sushi, sashimi and makimonos. We have a qualified sushimen team ready to create combinations tailored to your appetite.


We have 240 labels from 14 countries around the world, air-conditioned winery with approximately 6000 GRFS, in the deepest rest and rest, waiting for the right time to rejoice.


The diversity of options makes choosing difficult. These are fruits, cakes, pies, ice cream, creams, and more temptations that are hard to resist! One of the most famous options is petit gateau, brownie and delicious flambé banana.
Make your choice and have fun!

Warm brownie topped with delicious hot chocolate syrup and crumbs of cashews or crackers. It comes with cream ice cream.

Fruit Creams
Delicious fruit creams with ice cream.

Flambé Bananas
Bananas flaked in brandy and cointreau, topped with freshly caramelized syrup. It comes with cream ice cream.

Petit Gateau
Special cupcake, filled with creamy chocolate, topped with chocolate syrup and served hot. It comes with cream ice cream.

Various pies: Brigadeiro, German, Lemon, Crunchy Dulce de leche, Choco chips and Cheesecake cassis.

Ice Cream: Pineapple, Coconut, Cream, Flakes, Strawberry, Chocolate.

And more: Pudding / Flambé fruits.

Mocellin Steakhouse

Caster: R$ 138,00 (separate service charge)

Drinks and desserts are the part.

Own local valet parking courtesy of the house.

Free WiFi on site.

The house charges service fee for foreign products:

  • Stopper Rate
  • Pie Rate



  • Room one: capacity: 130 seats;
  • Room two (reserved): Capacity of 50 places;
  • Hall three: 90 seats;
  • Room four: 70 seats;
  • Total capacity: 350 seats;

Kids space




  • Main Hall: 360 seats;
  • Superior Room: 400 seats capacity;
  • Total capacity: 760 seats;

Kids space.